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Innovative Maternity Care in East Africa

Jacaranda Health is a social venture that aims to set a new a new standard for maternity care in East Africa. We are combining business and clinical innovations to create a fully self-sustaining and scalable chain of clinics that provide reproductive health services to poor urban women. Our model is a combination of two tightly-integrated services (a) mobile vans that create a direct link with our patients, generate demand and healthy outcomes through antenatal care and birth preparedness; and (b) Jacaranda Clinics near the slums where women can go for respectful obstetric care, safe delivery, family planning, and postnatal care. The mobile outreach vans are equal parts social marketing and clinical innovation – they provide antenatal care and serve as emergency vehicles, but also help build our brand and overcome the barriers that prevent many women from reaching facilities. The Jacaranda Clinics themselves include top-notch medical care to address most causes of maternal mortality – but at the same time include process innovations to keep prices low enough that most of our target market can afford them.

Our ambition is to change the way maternity care is provided for the 1M+ poor women giving birth each year in urban East Africa. We aim to become the largest provider of affordable maternity care in the region, and more importantly raise the standard of care among other private and public providers. Researchers and clinicians have proven that low-cost interventions to reduce mortality are feasible and effective (evidence-based clinical protocols, low-cost obstetric equipment, and cheap drugs like misoprosotol) – Jacaranda’s goal is to package these innovations into the region’s first truly sustainable and scalable service delivery organization.

We are laying the groundwork to launch the model in Nairobi with a single clinic and mobile unit, then once we have demonstrated that the model works, plan to scale up to 30 clinics in cities across East Africa over the next five years.