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Field Study in Eastern Nairobi

July 13, 2010

Kasarani Maternity & Nursing Home (Private Clinic)

Today, Nick took Farai and and me to the field to see first hand what the eastern part of Nairobi is like. We went with our driver Kaira, who provided both orientation, local information and security for our visit. We visited the “estates” along Outer Ring Road, Komarock Road and Thika Road, which are government built low-income housing suburbs. Some of these neighborhoods are likely Jacaranda Health target markets for the mobile and ground clinic.

This was an important scouting trip to help Farai who is developing the marketing plan to identify possible clinic catchment areas, gather real estate data points and also help both of us observe the environment in which we will operate. We also saw the different healthcare organizations already in place, which range from NGOs, government and employer-run community clinics, for-profit social enterprises, multi-functional chemists/pharmacies to dodgier mom and pop health clinics that seem to operate without any regulatory license. In particular, we came across Kasarani Maternity and Nursing Home, which seems to the largest provider in Kasarani Estates and important for us to understand what the market offering is like.

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